What is ChatGTP?

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What is ChatGTP?

ChatGTP is an artificial chatbot designed and developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022. It’s a revolutionary technology because it’s trained to learn what humans want to ask. It is available for everyone to try out for free, even if there have been some issues because many users discovered that ChatGPT could provide incorrect answers. Within a few weeks of launch, OpenAI’s ChatGTP create a new global race in artificial intelligence. It is the most important tool of the future for search engines, with the help of chatGTP humans can get appropriate answers or results to the question that they ask. Who Built ChatGTP?

What is ChatGTP?

Who Built ChatGTP?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by San Francisco-based AI research company OpenAI and launch in November 2022. The CEO of OpenAI is Sam Altman, who previously was president of Y Combinator. Microsoft is OpenAI’s largest investor and exclusively licenses its technologies. The tech giant invested $1 billion into the AI startup in 2019 and an additional amount of up to $10 billion in January 2023. Under the agreement, Microsoft can use OpenAI’s GPT-3 and ChatGPT, to create new or enhance existing products. It is the only company outside of OpenAI that can provide an API for these technologies.

What is the Use of ChatGTP?

The core function of a chatbot is to provide correct information that humans want to ask, ChatGPT can write and debug computer programs, and compose music, blog, fairy tales, and student essays. If there is enough information available, the ChatGTP will fulfill the commands with accurate details to the user. Otherwise, there is a possibility of providing incorrect data to the user. ChatGPT can write code, poems, songs, and even short stories like any other author.

How Was ChatGPT Trained?

ChatGPT was fine-tuned based on GPT-3.5 using supervised learning and reinforcement learning. Both approaches used human trainers to improve the model’s performance. GPT-3.5 used massive amounts of data about code and information which is available on the internet, including sources like Reddit discussions, to help ChatGPT learn dialogue and attain a human style of responding.

Limitation of ChatGTP

ChatGPT is specifically programmed not to provide negative, toxic, or harmful responses. it will avoid answering those kinds of questions. An important limitation of ChatGPT is that the quality of the output depends on the quality of the input. In other words, if the data used by the chatbot is incorrect then the output is also incorrect. Many users discovered that ChatGTP can provide an incorrect answer, including sometimes that are wildly incorrect or wrong.

Is ChatGPT free to use?

The service was launched as initially free to the public, with plans to monetize the service later. In January 2023, ChatGPT reached over 100 million users, making it the fastest-growing consumer application to date. The New York Times reported in December 2022 that it has been rumored that the next version of the AI, GPT-4, will be launched in 2023 OpenAI has also recently announced a new paid, premium version of its chatbot, called ChatGPT Plus, It is a premium service, ChatGPT Plus is the cost of $20 per month. OpenAI is also planning to release a professional ChatGTP plan at $42 per month and a free plan is available when demand is low

Will ChatGPT replace Google?

Google is reportedly declared a “code red” fearing that the AI chatbot could disrupt its search business. Google has already created an AI chatbot that is called LaMDA. The first generation was announced in 2021, In June 2022, LaMDA gained widespread attention when Google engineer Blake Lemoine made claims that the chatbot had become sentient. It doesn’t look like ChatGPT will replace Google because the technology still has a long way to go, but it’s possible to replace it in the future for search.


Currently, ChatGPT is free to use but in the future, the public have to pay a cost to use this technology.

Over a million users have registered to use ChatGPT within the first five days since it was opened to the public.

ChatGTP is using data available on the internet.

Technology is used for SEO and content.

Currently, ChatGTP is not replacing Google but it is possible in future